Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Problems on blood relations

Passage (questions 9 to 12):
   Amit is the son of Rahul.Sarika,Rahul's sister has a son sonu and a daughter Rita.
Raja is the maternal uncle of sonu.
9. How is Amit related to sonu?
  a)Nephew     b)Cousin(brother)      c)uncle        d)brother
  e)none of these
10. How is rita related to raja?
  a)sister     b)daughter     c)niece        d)aunt
  e)none of these
11.How many nephews does raja have?
  a)1   b)2     c)3     d)4     e)none
12.What is the relationship of Raja with Rita?
  a)uncle      b)brother      c)maternal uncle       d)nephew
  e)cant be determined
Directions:Following questions pertains to Ques 13 - 15
There are six persons S1,S2,S3,S4,S5 and S6
S3 is the sister of S6
S2 is the brother of S5's husband
S4 is the father of S1 and grandfather of S6.
There are 2 fathers, one mother and 3 brothers in the family
13. Who is S5's husband?
  a)S2  b)S3    c)S1    d)S4    e)S6
14.Who is the mother?
  a)S1  b)S2    c)S3    d)S5    e)cannot be determined
15.How many male members are there?
  a)1   b)2     c)3     d)4     d)cannot be determined
Passage (Questions 16-20)
   Mr and Mrs sharma have two children Asha and Shashi. Shashi married Radha, 
daughter of Mrs Mahajan. Suresh , son of Mrs Mahajan married Rita. Sonu and
Rocky are born to Suresh and Rita. Uma and Sudha are the daughters of Shashi 
and Radha.
16. What is Sudha's relation to Asha?
  a) Sister    b)niece        c)Aunt         d)Daughter
  e)none of these
17.How is Sonu related to Mr Mahajan?
  a)son in law b)sib          c)grandson     d)none of these
  e)cannot be determined
18.How is Asha related to Radha?
  a)mother in law      b)aunt  c)sister in law d)niece
  e)none of the above
19.What is the surname of sonu?
  a)Mahajan    b)sharma       c)shashi       d)cannot be detemined
20.How is suresh related to sudha?
  a)brother    b)maternal uncle       c)uncle d)cousin
  e)cannot be determined

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