Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Problems on directions

DIRECTIONS 1.Sham travels 7 km north , then turns right and walks 3 km. He again turns to
his righthand side and moves 7 kn forward.how many km is sham away from the
place of his starting the journey?
a)7 km b)3 c)8 d)17
2.Reeta drives to North of her place ofstay A and finds after travelling 25 km
that she has driven in the wrong direction. she then turns to the right and
travels 2 km and then again turns right and drives straigh another 25 km. how
much distance she has now to cover to goback to the point from where she has
a)25 b)2 c)5 d)68
3.Rana travels 10 km north turns left and travels 4 km and then again turns right
and covers another 5km. He then turns to righthand side and travels another 4 km.
how far is he from the point of starting his journey?
a)15 b)8 c)5 d)none
4.Seeta and ram both start from a point towards north.Seeta turns to left after
walking 10 km. Ram turns right after walking the same distance.seeta waits for
some time and then walks another 5 km,whereas ram walks only 3 km. they both then
return to their respective south and walk 15 km forward. how far is seeta from ram?
a)15 b)10 C)8 d)12
5.A taxi driver commenced his journey from a point and drove 10 km towards north
and turned left and drove another 5 km.after waiting to meet one ofhis friends
,he turned to his right and continued to drive another 10 km.He has covered a
distance of 25 km so far but in which direction he now may be>
a)north b)east c)west d)south
6.There is a ring road connecting points A,B,C and D.The road is in a complete
circular form but having several approach roads leading to the centre. exactly in
the centre of the ring road there is a tree which is 20 km from point A on the
circular road.you have taken a round of the circular road starting from point A
and finish at the same point after touching points B,C and D.you then drive 20km
interior towards the tree from point A and from there reach somewhere in between
B and C on the ring road. How much distance you have to travel from the tree to
reach the point between B and C on the ring road?
a)20 b)15 c)79 d)78
7.A tourist drives 10 km towards east and turns to righthand side and takes a
drive of another 3 km .he then drives towards west another 3km . he then turns
to his left and walks another 2km.Afterwards, he turns right and travels 7 km.
how far is he from his starting pint and in which direction?
a)10km east b)8km north c)5 km west d)5km south
8.Rahul walks 30 metres towards south.then turns to his right and starts walking
straight till he completes another 30 meters.then again turning to his left he
walks for 20 meters.he then turns to his left and walks for 30 metres.how far
is he from his initial position?
a)50 b)78 c)23 d)67
9.Vandana drove her car for 30 km due north. then she turned left and drove for
40 km,she then turned left again and drove yet another 30 km.again she turned left
and drove her car 50km.how far do u think she actually drove her car from the initial
a)10 B)5 c)89 d)none
10.Shalloo ran 20 m to the east, then he turned left and walked for 15m then turned
right and went 25 m and then tturned right agian and went 15m . how far was shalloo
from the starting point?
a)45 b)35 c)25 d)15

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